Stakeholder Analysis is an essential tool in understanding the intricate interplay among the various stakeholders that are typical for any large complex public goods program such as space programs. Traditional stakeholder models examine only the direct relationships between the focal organization and its stakeholders. In a public policy context, such a narrow analysis is not necessarily appropriate given its reliance on ownership concepts that are generally well defined in a private sector entity. (Bruce G. Cameron, 2011.)

Stakeholder Value Network (SVN) model is a multi-relation network analysis consisting of a focal organization, focal organization’s stakeholders and the tangible and intangible value exchanges between the focal organization and its stakeholders, as well as between the stakeholders themselves. A systems view based closed loop quantitative network representation of stakeholders provides a prioritized value flow that should be embedded in the architecture for achieving the goals based on stakeholder importance and needs.

European Space Agency Exploration Program – SVN Model
NASA as a ‘Heritage-based’ Brand-oriented Network: A Stakeholder Perspective