Technology Risk – Design [Dependency] Structure Matrix (TR-DSM) is an N x N network modeling tool intended to provide an overall view of a complex project’s technological and operational risk areas and to identify the patterns of the system level risk. The TR-DSM can be utilized as an analytical tool throughout a project’s development life cycle for identifying and communicating high-risk areas in a single system view.

The specific focus on the technical risk in the development of TR-DSM matrix includes system architecture considerations and embraces traditional project management techniques such as interface management and uses the Technology Risk Factor (TRF) derived from the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) as a proxy for the likelihood that a component/ operation will require a change to fulfill its functions. The high TRF values identify the components/ subsystems that require a thorough mitigation strategy during development.The technology integration risk is a result of the TR-DSM matrix.

ESA ExoMars 2016 ‘Schiaparelli’ EDM Failure Analysis

ExoMars 2022 Rover TechRisk DSM